@ShawnKelly and always @hannah_rachel
  1. I couldn't sleep alone until I was 9
  2. I came to America when I was 2
    I'm in this weird in between of understanding what being an immigrant is and what being a first gen. is
  3. I was the accident baby
    And they never tried to hide that
  4. My parents didn't believe in depression or dyslexia
    I have (had) both
  5. I was always told I was good at art
    So I never thought I could do anything else
  6. My sister called me "piggy" growing up
    It was her way of calling me fat
  7. My dad has always worked out of state
  8. My little brother looks up to me
    He wrote about me !!
  9. Some one leaked my nudes in high school
    Or rather they showed them to the principal
  10. My 7th grade english teacher told me that everything we think is important
  11. The planetarium
  12. The Ray and Charles Eames chair
    This chair is not a status symbol but rather hope for owning better things for quality things.