By her I mean MEEE
  1. Static
    Me in my village in CHINA
  2. Static
    My passport photo
  3. Static
    My first time at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  5. Static
    7th grade
  6. Static
    I got my lip pierced in the 8th grade
  7. Static
    High school ! 9th grade w my bff
  8. Static
    Oh no my eyebrows
  9. Static
    On our way to a party where i ended up falling down a flight of stairs.
  10. Static
    My first photo as a blondie (I think this was summer before sophomore year). My first septum ring!
  11. Static
    THOSE BROWS sam warkov's photoshoot.
  12. Static
    This was a bad period of being a dumb teenager.
  13. Static
    She was cute but she was an asshole
  14. Static
    How did people survive this. How did I survive me
  15. Static
    Why did my mom let me do my eyebrows like this
  16. Static
    Back to being blonde
  17. Static
    I was a better person here.
  18. Static
    After getting shoved into a fight at a show. My first tattoo. Tail end of junior year was looking up.
  19. Static
    When I dyed my hair black and changed my profile picture and everyone thought it was a prank.
  20. Static
  21. Static
    College application. Bullying. Nudes get leaked. Failing every class.
  22. Static
  23. Static
    Gets into dream school after killing self over home test! Passes gym class! Everything was EVERYTHING! Runs naked around Brooklyn Bridge Park! Friends forever! Says goodbyes to friends!
  24. Static
    Im an adult. Realizes everything is hard but also wonderful !