1. He is my best friend @therealslimshady53
  2. I know he will always have my back
  3. He will do almost anything I ask for
  4. He loves cats
  5. We will rarely fight over the TV as we watch the same shows
  6. He loves my cooking
  7. We can spend the whole day in bed together doing nothing and we both love it
  8. His hugs make everything better
  9. I will have someone who wants to hear about my day and listen to me ramble and actually care
  10. I can be a disgusting smelly mess and it won't phase him
  11. I can be an emotional wreck who is super paranoid and he will stay by me
  12. He is super cute
  13. I love his laugh
  14. I love his warm squishy body
  15. He understands me
  16. He doesn't like to wake me up
  17. He helps me make the bed
  18. He gives me great fashion advice
  19. He calls me princess
  20. He has a nice smile
  21. He has good fashion himself
  22. I will come home from work to cuddles always
  23. He is tall and can reach high places
  24. He gets rid of spiders
  25. He gives the best massages
  26. He will squeeze my pimples
  27. He wants me to be happy
  28. I get to watch him play basketball
  29. We want to travel to usa
  30. He supports my beliefs
  31. He is interested in my activities
  32. He buys me pretty flowers and other nice presents
  33. He gets on well with my family and friends
  34. I know if I need someone to pick me up at 3am because I'm scared sad or in need of help he will be there.
  35. He will become very handy with electrical work around the house
  36. We have the same views on politics, abortion, gay people and racism
  37. We can be silly and have fun together
  38. He makes me laugh
  39. We are connected we can read each other's minds
  40. I always know when he is lying
  41. We can quote to each other
  42. I feel 100% comfortable with him and never felt ashamed of my body
  43. He loves me for who I am no matter what
  44. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world (I am!!)
  45. He is super hot
  46. He loves to snap chat me
  47. He will always text back straight away. No games.
  48. He loves Seinfeld
  49. He will always watch the movies I want to watch even if I don't return the favor so much
  50. He lets me have the good pillows
  51. He lets me fall asleep on him and refuses to move
  52. He chooses me over his friends when it's important
  53. He always invites me to his friends parties
  54. I can tell him everything
  55. I know we will live well together
  56. We always get over our mini fights pretty quick
  57. He has a good job and knows what he wants to do in life
  58. He calls me every day
  59. I know he will never leave me for another girl
  60. He is very smart
  61. He melts my heart
  62. He gets me cosy bags and fills up my water when I'm sick
  63. He stays by my side while I'm vomiting
  64. I know he will be a good dad
  65. I'm excited for him to see me in my dress walking down smiling at each other and lift the vale off my face
  66. We like the same music
  67. He has introduced me to so many new things
  68. Our relationship isn't based on sex
  69. When I see him it's the best time of my life. I get so happy inside and it can't get any better
  70. Anytime with him is perfect
  71. He protects me from bad dreams and monsters
  72. He posts instagrams for me
  73. He got the list app and Twitter because of me
  74. I know he will pick a nice ring for me
  75. He puts so much effort into all his surprises for me
  76. The way he tucks me in is so cute
  77. I want to marry him because I like his last name and can't wait for it to be mine
  78. I know our family will be okay because we have him
  79. He encourages me to be nicer
  80. He helps me exercise
  81. He looks so adorable when he's sleeping
  82. He likes when I sleep on his chest
  83. I can't wait to live with him
  84. He treats me like a princess
  85. He is a good kisser
  86. He is such a gentleman
  87. He gave me a second chance
  88. I will never do anything to hurt him
  89. I want to be the perfect wife
  90. I want to spend the rest of my life with him
  91. I miss him so much when he is gone for a day
  92. He is the best thing in my life
  93. I am crazy about him
  94. I am in love with him
  95. He is in love with me