Not in order
  1. It's Shara not Sarah
  2. LACHLAN my husband and bff @therealslimshady53
  3. No boys spoke to me in high school
  4. Kmart
  5. Losing friends
  6. How a hair straightener changed my life
  7. How the pill changed my life
  8. I feel dizzy
  9. What is family??
  10. What living in my first house was like
  11. Names of my 100 cats
  12. 500 reasons why being with lachy was the best thing I ever did! @therealslimshady53
  13. My perfect family with my husband lachy and children
  14. My daily cleaning routine
  15. Organizing tips
  16. Favourite aromatherapy blends
  17. Pictures of me and my hot as husband to make you all jealous