1. Get vitamins
    Didn't do this and probably should have. I got scurvy two months later.
  2. Stickynotes
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    The only thing crossed out on the list. I'm not sure what these particular sticky notes were used for but these are the ones currently in use.
  3. Video for WEEZY Dorn
    WEEZY Dorn must have been a briefly adopted nickname for my sister @willadoor. Her new nickname WEEWOO is way better. Nicknames change but caps lock is forever. Not sure what video this is. Am I making it? Just sending it? Is she expecting it? Never did it so guess this is an IOU.
  4. Photoshop dave on chihuahua
    Questions. Is he supposed to be riding the chihuahua? Or should his face replace the dog's? Also, WHY?? (David is my human friend)
  5. Pancakes
    January 2013 was when I discovered bacon pancakes. I'm sure they were majestic.