What are you waiting for?!?
  1. Watch television -to be fair no one really watches tv on tv anymore so you should be good
  2. Read a newspaper- I guess no one does this anymore either..
  3. Listen to the radio- this shouldn't be hard, you're probably jnto podcasts anyways
  4. Use social media- this means no Twitter, no Facebook, no YouTube. You need to go completely offline-ghost protocol.
  5. Go on the Internet- see above
  6. Visit public areas- the risk of overhearing a conversation that includes spoilers is WAY to high. Better yet, just don't outside
  7. Talk to people- Everyone's going to want to tell you about this one scene that is "not important to the story so it won't ruin anything". Anything ruins everything.
  8. Eat, sleep, poop or make love- these might seem safe, but are you really willing to risk it? Nah, didn't think so.