Sparkling included
  1. Evian
  2. Ozarka
  3. Smartwater
  4. Poland Springs
  5. Deer Park
    Filtered tap water
  6. Fiji
  7. Boxed Water is Better
  8. Waiakea
  9. Core
    Kind of tastes like the water at your grandmothers house. It's not what you wanted your water to tastes like but you'll finish it because you don't want to tell your grandmother times have changed and water has gotten better
  10. Just Water
  11. Voss
  12. Aquafina
  13. Desani
  14. Deja Blue
    Shit SUCKS
  15. Voss sparkling water
    TRASH! Hard to beat deja blue, buT YOU MANAGED
  16. Miller Lite
  17. blk.
  18. Nestle
    California remembers
  19. La Croix