My neighbor gave me a box she wouldn't have time to cook. Here are my notes, in chronological order.
  1. Huh, I thought the box would be heavier.
  2. Ooh! It's so cold! Advancements in ice packs is an overlooked subject.
  3. What the...why are there so many little packets. And baggies. And boxes. I'm definitely going to lose something.
  4. *starts cooking*
  5. This salad needs something more than just Brussels sprouts and arugula. *Adds ingredients from the pantry*
  6. This grilled cheese will probably be yummy as-is but it NEEDS MORE CHEESE. And mustard. And a few other things from my fridge.
  7. Blue Apron: Sharon Profis Edition
  8. Blue Apron should work with different chefs for specialty boxes. Okay back to cooking.
  9. All done!!!!
  10. I'm still hungry.