When a sentiment turns into your favorite animal, it's a keeper. Greatest of All Time can be used hyperbolically, i.e. The subject doesn't ACTUALLY have to be the greatest of all human history in order for this acronym to be used.
    This is different from "lol" (which should only be used when you want the person to know what they're saying is actually NOT funny) and "LOL" which is equivalent to "Ha! That's funny." LOLOLOLOLOL means you're *actually* laughing and what that person is saying is *actually* funny.
  3. SMH
    "Shaking My Head." Straight up disapproval.
  4. O RLY
    This is not an acronym, but still makes this list. "oh really?" is generally used sarcastically. It's a great way to end a conversation.
  5. GTFO
    Despite its aggressive nature, GTFO can be used playfully. It can mean, "No way!" If you see me using it, that's probably how it's intended.