I guess it worked out.
  1. Author
    I was pretty consistent with this until I was about 12. I have a bunch of stories about chickens and farms and girls who beat the odds in a Five Star notebook somewhere.
  2. Ballerina
    I danced for long enough to think I could actually make money doing it one day. Now I just take classes in an attempt to fill the hole that never closed.
  3. Actress
    I went to Circus Camp one year. Too afraid to try the flying trapeze, and too impatient to learn juggling, I played the lead character of Frantic Woman Looking for Clowns.
  4. Dermatologist
    This was a serious one, pretty much throughout high school. I honestly imagined myself dissecting people's skin for the rest of my life. Today, I'm overwhelmed enough dealing with my own.
  5. Journalist
    I realized by the end of high school that I could take all the writing praise I had received and turn it into a career. That, combined with my tech obsession lead to where I am now.