Bosco is 1 1/2 years old. Here are some facts about him.
  1. Has a beautiful, furry coat. His color is roan/brown. When it grows, the tips of each hair tuft turn light while the base stays darker. It's every Beverly Hills coiffeur's envy.
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  2. Looked different as a puppy.
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  3. He's a Lagotto Romagnolo. Ancestor of the Standard Poodle.
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  4. The breed is used to hunt for truffles in Italy.
  5. He goes with me to train. Here he is with Jason, my trainer.
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  6. "Bosco" means "of the woods" in Italian. Also a chocolate drink flavoring.
  7. Likes to wrestle and play tug.
  8. Is in love with Lassie, the Dalmation down the street. They meet at night and chase on the Strand.
  9. Is a goofball. Wants to play incessantly. Will bring all his toys, one by one, in hopes of enticing everyone into play.
  10. Sleeps with me except when someone else sleeps over. Then, he sleeps with the guest.
  11. Looks like a man in a dog suit.
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