Some Art Works Created in List Form

Help with more of these, please.
  1. Thirteen Ways of Looking at Blackbird.
  2. The Vietnam War Memorial
  3. Song from the great American songbook "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)".
  4. 911 memorial
    Suggested by   @ouizoid
  5. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
    Suggested by   @Larry
  6. "Calendar Girl" by Neil Sedaka
    Suggested by   @Larry
  7. The 12 Days of Christmas
    Suggested by   @BillNovak
  8. Do-Re-Mi. (Sound of Music )
    Suggested by   @BillNovak
  9. The Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, New York
    Suggested by   @brodhidharma
  10. Lots of Cole Porter songs: say, "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)"
    Suggested by   @gcowles
  11. Schindler's List
    Suggested by   @ChrisK