1. Moods should lead to feeds of friends or close public postings of mooods. At the moment you "clock in" at the mood and it doesn't lead to anything, after clocking in it should lead somewhere. To the moods being advertised.
  2. Friends | Public in top. Pick one to scroll thru....options to scroll thru your friends or public posts.
  3. Channel scrolls, ability to scroll thru channel postings and click on image to rate it
  4. Side swipe friends list like Slack. Rather than the Peeps button, swipe right and a list of your friends pops up, with the ability to send them a pic or text. Slack does this very well.
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  5. Moods. Only a small icon identify the mood no interface change, the interface can't change identities, content can. Maybe a small gummy bear changes colors and that how u can see what mood you are in.
  6. Only selfies???? At the moment I don't have the function of reversing the camera
  7. In PEEPS or future friends list. Click on friends leads to their channels or feed would be a nice feature.
  8. Events. After invite? It's invisible, need a place to see where friends are and if they respond to invite
  9. "No activity" bar. It's kinda negative, brings down user, user should be able to use the app without being reminded they don't have any requests in bold letters
  10. Interface
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