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What do you constantly think about buying and then decide, nah, can't do it, too much of a splurge?
  1. Audible.com Membership
    Getting audiobooks on my phone is just as easy and FREE, but the new and popular books have a long hold period. $15/mo ends up being $180/yr. It's not *that* bad, but I listen to so many free library downloads that $15/mo is hard to justify.
  2. New York Times Digital Crossword Subscription
    $6.95/mo, or if you buy the annual subscription it's $39.95. I really should just do this because I spend almost 3Xs that whenever I step into Target. What do I go to Target for? Nothing. Maybe Breathe Right Strips for my husband. That's it. But already have NYT crossword puzzle books!
  3. A kayak
    First, I've only been once, borrowed from the friend I went with. It was so much fun, no learning curve. Feel like IF I had one, I'd use it. Maybe in Austin to watch the bats. 💡🤔
    Suggested by   @angela3950
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Inspired by everyone at this point
  1. Making Americanos with an Aeropress
    Though it's time to treat myself to a new automatic burr grinder because using our hand crank Hario grinder takes for•ev•er.
  2. A Really Good Day
    Never thought I would be so fascinated by this, but here I am. Drugs are really interesting, and I'm learning so much about all the drugs I don't do!
  3. Kelly Lee Owens
    Been a minute since I've discovered new music and liked an entire album.
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AKA, What July Looked Like In My Phone, with sporadic notes
  1. Complete control over the music
  2. I could work less hard than the people taking the class
  3. It would force me to work out
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This is valuable information no matter what city you live in, so please share your knowledge!
  1. Birchwood Cafe • Minneapolis, MN (Seward)
    I love this crunchy neighborhood cafe! They have serve yourself sparkling water so I forgive them for having to order my food at the counter.
  2. Red Stag Supper Club • Minneapolis, MN (Northeast)
    This is seriously one of the coziest restaurants in MPLS and their food is so delicious, especially Sunday brunch. You have to flip your coaster to either sparkling or still to indicate what kind of water you want your server to pour. Heaven!
  3. Colossal Cafe, St. Paul
    Maybe they also have a MPLS location? Counter ordering, awesome breakfast, serve it yourself sparkling or regular water from a tap.
    Suggested by   @ellenh
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I made a list yesterday in which I took a photo every hour that I was awake. You can read it here: https://li.st/shash/a-photo-every-hour-i-m-awake-march-19th-2017-22KprV4vyZFQHEOxfmnwty
  1. First, thank you to everyone who liked or commented or silently observed my list yesterday. I've been listing for almost a year and haven't used it *that* extensively.
  2. Overall, the list was fun to do and had more positive effects on my day than negative ones, I'd say.
    Because I was keeping track of time and closely monitoring my activities I think I did more with my day than I would have on any average Sunday.
  3. That being said, I was deliberate with trying to keep things more interesting since I had an audience.
    Again, not a bad thing necessarily. And I still did mundane things like laundry, eat a pre-made burrito, and watch TV.
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Hoping that by doing this I keep my Sunday interesting or at the very least, productive
  1. 7:55am
    I woke up around 7, unable to sleep any longer. Sometime during the early morning he ditched me for the radiator.
  2. 8:47am
    I showered! And got dressed! My Instagram husband is still asleep so here's my selfie OOTD, complete with cat hair. I decided since I'm up so early I earned a fancy coffee. I noticed a couple articles in my daily NYT email I want to read, I think I'm about to hit the paywall limit, and my coffee shop should have the paper. Let's go!
  3. 9:00am
    Got my drink and I'm digging in. The article on what we can learn from Finnish healthcare is one that I wanted to read.
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I think this is inspired by @angela3950? This has been sitting in my drafts, so, publish or perish-
  1. Teamwork! MY teamwork
    Usually when we pull something off together, one of us will quote this line 😂
  2. Fashion show! 👏🏼Fashion Show! 👏🏼Fashion show at lunch!👏🏼
    This is our go-to quote whenever someone buys a new item of clothing and we want to see it right away on them. ALWAYS accompanied by hand claps.
  3. "Spanning time together"
    Buffalo 66 quote FTW
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