2017 Concerts

Cuz I always forget when I've seen a band
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    1/24: Posh Lost/You./Black Marble @ 7th Street Entry (MPLS, MN)
    Pretty forgettable and underwhelming but I left the house on a school night in January so it counts for something
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    3/3: Germans/The Radio Dept. @ Triple Rock Social Club (MPLS, MN)
    This show was SO great. I love this band and they haven't come through since 2010. We told them what bar we were going to after and they showed up! So that was fun. Nice Swedish dudes, and Germans (from Brooklyn) was fun and a pleasure to meet as well.
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    3/8: Lisa/Liza & Jens Lekman @ Fine Line Music Cafe (MPLS, MN)
    Leaving the house on a cold Wednesday night is never easy but I'm glad we stuck to the plan and went to this show. The opener, Lisa/Liza, seemed to nearly put herself to sleep and seemed a little incongruous as an opener for Jens but I could imagine listening to her stuff on a lazy day. Jens, however, was a delight. He has an all female backing band and they were so tight and fun to watch. He played a few of my fave songs of his including Maple Leaves. Only criticism: too short of a set!
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    4/28: Sampha/ The XX @ Palace Theater (St. Paul, MN)
    My 3rd time seeing The XX and they were great, played all the songs I wanted to hear plus the Jamie XX song Loud Places. Samfa was fun too. First time in this newly renovated venue that's been closed since the mid-70's! It's nice but leaving the venue was very annoying. Wish they had more exits so it doesn't get so bottlenecked!
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    4/29: Aero Flynn/ S. Carey/ American Football @ First Avenue (MPLS, MN)
    We missed Aero Flynn (but have seen them before) and caught most of S. Carey which sounded great. I didn't want to go to this show but my husband had already bought me a ticket. The crowd was awful, yelling things like "Play old songs!" when they're newly back together promoting their new album. Of course they're gonna play some old faves, chill! Also sitting at my feet in the sound area was an old guy looking at West Hawaii Today news on his iPad for almost the entire show so that was cool...
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    5/9: Liquid Music: Bedroom Communities and Friends @ American Swedish Institute (MPLS, MN)
    I'm so behind on updating this list!! Quite enjoyed this peaceful, contemplative outdoor Icelandic/Finnish/US collaboration on the museum grounds. Channy Leaneagh of Poliça stepped in when Swedish vocalist's Mariam Wallentin's US Visa was denied. I'm glad I finally got to check out this museum too, I don't know what took me so long!
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    5/21: Bonobo @ First Avenue (mpls, mn)
    I don't remember too much standing out about this concert except the vocalist who joined Simon was great. There were a lot of songs on the album that he collaborated on with other vocalists but of course couldn't bring all of them on tour. It was a good show but more of my husband's thing. Anyways, sounded just like the album.
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    6/1, 2, 3: Primavera Sound Music Festival @ Parc Del Forum (Barcelona, Spain)
    Hi, I already knew this when we bought the tix for our trip and for the concert, but don't plan on going to a music festival the day you step off an international flight! That being said, what a great/crazy festival. Highlights: Bon Iver, Aphex Twin, Arcade Fire, The XX, The Magnetic Fields, Angel Olsen, Van Morrison, and a surprise show by Haim! I wanted to see way more bands but you gotta make sacrifices if you want a good spot to stand. Bummed I missed Solange, Mitski, and The Radio Dept.
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    6/14: Junun/ James Blake/ Radiohead @ Parco delle Cascine (Florence, Italy)
    This show was somewhat of a surprise for me from my husband. I knew we were seeing them on our Euro vaycay but didn't know where. I'm calling it, this was the best concert of the year for me, one of the tops in my lifetime I'm sure! We arrived crazy early (like 3pm) to get into the gates to get a good spot, which we did! They played everything I wanted to hear except one song. I died when they played Idioteque. The crowd was generally good too & I loved how they chanted RA-dio-Head!
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    7/6: Dem Yuut/ Now, Now @ 7th Street Entry (mpls, mn)
    Missed the opener but turns out they are joining Now, Now on stage for this tour. I enjoyed this show way more than I thought I would, even though I've seen them 3xs now. I always love the banter/dynamic between Casey and Brad. They have a new album coming out and one song they played made me v much look forward to hearing it. I wasn't looking forward to seeing this show wearing my arm in a sling but thankfully nobody bumped into my shoulder, so it was a successful night out in my book!
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    8/15: Julien Baker/Belle and Sebastian @ Palace Theatre (St Paul, MN)
    Third time seeing B&S and my least favorite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but still fun. Hilariously, the drummer accidentally got left at a Wal-Mart in N. Dakota when they stopped and it wasn't until the next day in the AM (the 15th!) that people realized he was missing! All he had was a credit card in his PJ pants but apparently he was able to fly to MSP from Bizmark to make it in time for the show I saw. Julien Baker's a girl with a guitar and she had a great voice but it just didn't feel like the right opener.
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    8/17: Alex Edelman/Beck @ Palace Theater (St Paul, MN)
    Beck has long been on my concert bucket list so I'm so happy to have finally seen him perform live. It was a very high energy show and he played so many of my favorite songs that it made me remember what an incredible catalog he has to choose from! A ton of our friends were at this show which also made it super fun. The opener, Alex Edelman, was actually a standup comedian. He wasn't bad and it was a nice change of pace for an opening act!
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    8/19: John Maus @ MOMA PS1 (Long Island City, NY)
    I was in a really bad mood before we even arrived. It was hot and crowded, everyone seemed to be drunk and then John Maus only played for twenty minutes😑We also arrived too late to go through the galleries. A bunch of DJs also played including Daphni (Dan Snaith from Caribou). Anyways I was over it and we left on the early side of things.