A Long Weekend in Washington (State)

One of my oldest friends, Jess, moved to Seattle last year from WI and a couple weekends ago I got to go visit her with our friend Chloe. It was an amazing vacation! Here's what we did:
  1. I arrived in the evening on a Thursday and was MAD hungry. We ate at this cute diner in Capitol Hill. I had a Seattle dry cider (on tap!) and a fried chicken sandwich. This was basically all we did cuz ya know, travel day, time change, etc.
  2. Friday ended up being a beautifully sunny day in Seattle! Jess had the day off✨ We had a solid breakfast out (me: breakfast tacos, her: savory crepe). Jess owns 2 kayaks and lives near lake Union so with such great weather we decided to head out onto the water.
  3. We got to paddle down through the houseboat communities and gawk at the amazing houses. I wanted to own every one of them.
    That pinky house had the most amazing Burros Tail plant, I wish I would've gotten a photo of it. We also paddled by the "Sleepless In Seattle" houseboat!
  4. When we got hungry we paddled over to Gas Works Park for a picnic. Lots of people were out enjoying the beautiful day. It was fun to see so many sea planes take off from Lake Union too.
  5. Later that evening we went to the Fremont Brewery for some local beers. After it was some Mexican food for dinner in Fremont and then back home to charge up for our weekend on the coast!
    Well-deserved brews
  6. Sat AM we packed the car & headed straight to the airport to pick up Chloe. I played my Spotify nostalgia playlist the whole trip—everything from Meredith Brooks to Sheryl Crow to Everclear and No Doubt. Song lyrics that had lain dormant in our brains for 10 years came flowing out of our mouths. Not to brag, but it's a really solid playlist.
    The playlist starts with Pump Up The Jam, it got the road trip party STARTED
  7. We stopped for a picnic lunch at Lake Crescent.
  8. Our destination was Forks, WA. Our cabin was right on the Sol Duc River.
  9. That evening we went out to Third Beach near La Push to see the sea stacks. It's about a 20 min hike down there, but so worth it. We noticed this little nook in a tree on the hike.
  10. This is what we were greeted with: a nearly empty beach! I think we saw 2 people maybe?
  11. We tried doing jump shots in the rain.
    Chloe gets style points, but Jess wins this round overall
  12. The next morning, Sunday, we headed to the Hoh Rainforest. It's one of the most incredible places I've ever been! First off, just the drive into the park is awe inspiring.
    I really don't think I'm being overly dramatic here
  13. It doesn't feel like a real place.
    I sent a photo to my dad, he said keep an eye out for Yoda. It's like a movie set, yeah?
  14. But then you get out and hike and take 1 million photos.
  15. And look sexy doing it.
    Because it's a RAIN forest, you're gonna need your hawt rain gear
  16. If you're lucky like we were, you get to see some legit wildlife, like deer:
  17. And elk!!
    This was a whole herd with one dude and maybe 10 ladies
  18. We didn't bother hitting anything else that day, except a crappy diner in Forks. We went back to the cabin, took showers and basically spent the evening reminiscing about our childhood together.
  19. The next morning we tried to get up early, pack up and hit Second Beach at low tide to see starfish and sea anemones. It was a sunny day so that had us feelin pumped.☀️
  20. Unfortunately we seemed to have gotten there too late to see any sea creatures. But we did see a couple eagles circling overhead and an otter go take a dip in the ocean, which was pretty cute to see.
  21. For our drive back to Seattle we had a choice to make: go back the way we came and hike to a waterfall or go to a different beach down the coast and drive through Olympia. We chose hike to waterfall.
  22. It was another gorgeous hike out there
  23. The trees in the PNW are so crazy tall! Nothing like our Midwestern trees.
  24. When Chloe & I saw this, we thought we had made it to the waterfall. Cuz look! This is really pretty!
  25. Jess disabused us of that notion, though. That wasn't it. THIS was the waterfall.😱
    Sol Duc Falls
  26. After two big hikes that day we still had to finish up our drive to Seattle, so it was back to the nostalgia playlist and head for the ferry into Seattle from Bainbridge Island.
  27. We just missed the 8pm ferry and had to wait a whole hour until we could get the next one, so we grabbed pizza slices on the island. The ferry ride was pretty at night!
  28. On Tuesday it was back to work for Jess, so Chloe & I hit Seattle by ourselves. First, breakfast at The Wandering Goose cafe. HIGHLY recommend this joint if you're looking for a southern inspired spot in WA. It's a small restaurant, so it probably gets pretty packed on the weekend.
    Get the biscuits & gravy like Chloe did.
  29. After we went to Capitol Hill and browsed records and books and met Jess for Molly Moon's ice cream. I had to say one last goodbye to Jess. 😢
  30. Chloe and I then hit up the Chihuly museum. His work is so inspiring and I'm so glad I got to finally see it in person.
    My "I'm so inspired" face
  31. Chloe dropped me at the light rail station so I could go to the airport. Jess told me which side of the plane to sit on so I could see Rainer on the way home. I'm so glad she did that because the view was just perfect, and at sunset it was the cherry on top to a perfect long weekend in the PNW.✨