A Photo Every Hour I'm Awake: March 19th, 2017

Hoping that by doing this I keep my Sunday interesting or at the very least, productive
  1. 7:55am
    I woke up around 7, unable to sleep any longer. Sometime during the early morning he ditched me for the radiator.
  2. 8:47am
    I showered! And got dressed! My Instagram husband is still asleep so here's my selfie OOTD, complete with cat hair. I decided since I'm up so early I earned a fancy coffee. I noticed a couple articles in my daily NYT email I want to read, I think I'm about to hit the paywall limit, and my coffee shop should have the paper. Let's go!
  3. 9:00am
    Got my drink and I'm digging in. The article on what we can learn from Finnish healthcare is one that I wanted to read.
  4. 10:24am
    Back home for breakfast✨
  5. 11:28am
    I've been at Saver's thrift store for 20ish mins? Maybe more like 30. Disappointed that these climbing shoes don't quite fit but very happy to score that blanket!
  6. 12:22pm
    Our house is less than 2 miles from the Weisman but I haven't been here in a couple years. It's free and I got nothin else going on today so here we are! There's an exhibit going on of brain drawings. I'll let you know more next hour!
  7. 1:25pm
    Ok! The exhibit is called Beautiful Brain and it features the drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal. This Spaniard is known as the father of modern neuroscience and what's cool is that he didn't set out to be a neuroscientist, instead he wanted to be an artist. When he was 15 his father allowed him to enroll in art school. I love that U of M neuroscientists and a Weisman art historian collaborated on the 80 drawings of his that they wanted to feature for their aesthetic and scientific importance.
  8. 2:02pm
    After looking at the galleries a bit we took an architectural tour with a woman named Elena. She kept saying mew-zay-um which I thought was an interesting pronunciation. I hadn't realized that the Weisman was the first museum Frank Gehry designed. It opened in 1993. The U of M prez told him, "Just don't give me a lump of brick." WAM is made of stainless steel. The Disney Concert hall in LA and the Guggenheim in Bilbao are titanium I guess?
  9. 3:02pm
    My husband suggested three chains to eat at before he finally mentioned "how about Emily's Lebanese?" Again, haven't been here in years! I will now 100% stop in on my way home from work in the near future just to get their spinach pies to go. SO good.
  10. 4:40pm
    First DQ of the season
  11. 5:02pm
    "You're like an angel...sent from above...to destroy me." -loving husband. We went for a short walk along the river. I love this spot because it doesn't take long to get to, there's not very many people around, and you don't hear very many cars.
  12. 6:12pm
    🙋🏼I am very tired. I mean, are you keeping up with all the crap I'm doing today?! I put this record on to have something quiet to listen to and to also drown out my cat's constant meowing (he gets to eat in 15 mins).
  13. 7:49pm
    1) I'm still tired. 2) I have too many library books out right now that I won't be able to renew. Going to spend some time flipping through the cookbooks, listening to a podcast until I get hungry. Then I'll go heat up a burrito. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. 8:55pm
  15. 9:29pm
    Adult human making questionable food mixing choices. Whatever, time for Big Little Lies
  16. 10:48pm
    What's up Central Time Zoners, are we all still up at almost 11pm on a Sunday? I got ready for bed, took this photo all nicely staged and then remembered I had to do the laundry switcheroo. Also, just curious does anyone else keep a spray bottle on their bedside table that they shake menacingly whenever their cat hits the blinds for attention? I'm going to try to read a little bit, but my awake hours for March 19 2017 are coming to a close.
  17. 11:23pm
    Well here we are, the last photo for my today. I had a lot of fun making this list and I want to thank everyone for all the love! I have a lot of thoughts about doing a list like this and variations that I think would be fun to do. I plan on writing about it tomorrow, so stay tuned. Goodnight!
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