Currently Into

Inspired by everyone at this point
  1. Making Americanos with an Aeropress
    Though it's time to treat myself to a new automatic burr grinder because using our hand crank Hario grinder takes for•ev•er.
  2. A Really Good Day
    Never thought I would be so fascinated by this, but here I am. Drugs are really interesting, and I'm learning so much about all the drugs I don't do!
  3. Kelly Lee Owens
    Been a minute since I've discovered new music and liked an entire album.
  4. The Daily Podcast by The New York Times
    I tried listening to NPR's Up First but this one is 10Xs better. I miss it on the weekends.
  5. Watermelon water + LaCroix
    Way too expensive of a habit to keep up, but mixing plain LaCroix and watermelon water has been such a refreshing summer beverage, and a real pick-me-up at work.
  6. Going to the beach on Mondays
    Lakes 4 Life ✌🏼
  7. CNN miniseries The Eighties
    Whew! Learnin' a lot