Everything We Did and Watched Yesterday

We just came home from TX and my husband is hella sick and I guess I got them post vacation blues because I had 0 motivation to do anything. I *should have* gone to my in laws to at least bring our cat home. Instead of doing responsible things I/we:
  1. Made some coffee & toaster waffles
    Gotta go to the store. Then we watched...
  2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Season 6, ep 4
  3. Die Hard
    We'd never seen it! I passively watched while I cleared out my inbox
  4. Black Mirror
    Season 3, ep 4. My husband didn't want to watch them out of order and I'm glad we finally got to this one because ep 3 was THE worst. I don't know if I have it in me to watch more of this show.
  5. Made some Mac & cheese
    Gotta stay carbohydrated!
  6. Put together 5 dining room chairs bought on cyber Mon that FINALLY got shipped to us today.
    Ok this actually felt v productive! The 6th chair might be impossible to assemble. Will give it another go tomorrow.
  7. The Office
    Season 4, ep 14; season 5, eps 1 & 2. On in the background during chair assembly.
  8. Got some terrible Chinese delivery
    Couldn't be bothered to go to the store still, or even make something from the freezer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Kingpin
    Man is this movie the worst, but the gifs are great
  10. Bought Super Mario Run for iPhone
    Probably the most $ I've ever spent on an app but also 100% worth it—addicted
  11. The OA
    Season 1, ep 1 Holy crap so good
  12. Curb
    Season 6, ep 5
  13. Curb
    Season 6, ep 6
  14. Pretty solid Wednesday. Back to real life today. But we got our cat back and we have food!