How I Choose Which Books I'm Going To Read (unranked)

I've been requesting this list from li.sters who (whom?) seem to read a lot (hey-o @andersun, @readjulia @bookishclaire) but I haven't made this list myself, until NOW! If you read a lot or even a little I would love to see your list, so go make 'em and please tag me! Also please tell me if it's who or whom kthxbyeee
  1. Is it new and getting a lot of buzz?
    I'm highly suggestible
  2. Is Kerri Miller of MPR into it? Did she interview the author in Talking Volumes or interview him/her on her morning show or feature it in her newsletter, The Thread?
    Obviously I trust her opinion.
  3. Has it made a best of list/was it nominated for an award/did it win an award?
    I take the bait
  4. Does the cover art strike me?
    So judge-y! I don't know anything about the book Wolf In White Van but I LOVE the cover art so I added it to my to-read list.
  5. Is it a classic I've been meaning to read/should've really read by now?
    Ok I don't know what exactly is considered a classic but East of Eden, Little Women, Mrs. Dalloway, Slaughterhouse V, and (gulp) Moby Dick are all on this list.
  6. Can I get the ebook from the library?
    I read 95% of my books on my Kindle. I rarely buy new books and even more rarely purchase ebooks. I was so happy as an early adopter to ebook rentals because I never had to be on a waitlist! Too many people have caught on...
  7. Is it on a new & noteworthy shelf at the library or on the lucky day shelf?
    My library has this cool feature where you can check out one of the hot new books (they have it for DVDs too) but the catch is you can't place a hold on these books. You have to physically enter the library to see what's on the shelf! It's a great option if you don't want to be on the obscenely long waitlist. I honestly haven't checked anything out from the lucky day shelf but I have added some of the books from it to my to-read list after seeing them on that shelf.
  8. Is the genre science fiction or dystopian sci-fi?
    I don't read as much of these genres as I used to but they're still favorites. If you tell me you read a really great sci-fi or dystopian novel I will probably immediately request it from the library. Never Let Me Go & 1984 are two of my favorite books.
  9. Is the author female or a POC?
    I'm trying to read less books by white dudes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Is it written by a comedienne I love?
    Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, Tig Notaro, Mindy Kaling, Nora Ephron, Lena Dunham I've read them all! I mean, not really but I'm trying. Now Maria Bamford just needs to publish one, please.
  11. Is it available through the Book Of The Month Club?
    I am not signed up for this but I still look at what books you can get through them and then put myself on a waitlist for them through the library. Sorry BOTM Club.
  12. Does one of my favorite authors have a new book out?
    I think I've read all of his novels.
  13. Is it written by John Steinbeck?
    I know I said I was moving away from white dude books but he's an exception. I love almost everything he's written but there are so many of his novels and novellas I haven't read yet.
  14. Does it take place in a harsh Nordic landscape?
    Staying connected to my roots I guess
  15. Has it been recommended by Summer or Chloe?
    (Summer and me with a Snapchat filter we both hate) Highly influenced by my friends
  16. Is it being made into a movie? Does the movie looks like it's going to be decent?
    (Usually) gotta read the book first!
  17. Did my husband read it and tell me he thinks I'll like it?
    He always asks me what I'm reading and what is it about. He knows me better than anyone so he should know what I like! That being said he doesn't read a whole lot of book-books (he's mostly reading articles and technical stuff to keep up with work) so he doesn't usually have a whole lot to recommend, haha.
  18. Is it a highly readable nonfiction or a nonfiction that will help me understand myself?
    I need to read more nonfiction in 2017.
  19. Is it by a female musician?
    I knew I would forget to include something! I really liked Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein and Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon