Llama Costume Contest

At the Minnesota State Fair (and many other state fairs around the country) there's a llama costume contest that 4-H kids can compete in. I don't know why or when it started or anything, I'm just here for it. It's a hugely popular event that I only found out about a couple years ago. Today we attended and here are some of the highlights:
  1. I specifically remember the bride's name is DARLENE👰🏻 LOOK AT HER HANDS
  2. Wearing rubber boots, are you kidding me?! DEAD
  3. TACO JOHNS!! A bowl of potato oles! A crowd fave
  4. Pack v Vikes. The socks killed me UGH. Also, alpaca, right? They never explained why alpacas were also allowed.
  5. TOP GUN!!! Please note the tiny bomber jacket, the clouds, and goggles on the llama's head💯💯💯 You can't see here but S/he also had tissue flames off the caboose💯
  6. Bowl of mac & cheese and the spoon 😂😂
  7. A bubble bath and rubber duckie COMPLETE WITH BUBBLES
  8. Nemo and Dory. So good!! Also had bubbles
  9. And finally, the best of the best, the biker duo. The attention to detail on this one was insane. The arms have fake tattoos! It had a radio playing Born To Be Wild!!! DEAD!!!