1. You change your first name when you get older
    I must've gotten wind that my mom had a different last name at one point in her life and somehow confused that with changing your first name. I considered Stephanie and Melissa (names of my babysitters).
  2. My mom grew up in a black and white world
    Like, literally black white and shades of grey. I guess I didn't see a whole lot of photos from my dad's childhood but seeing my mom's photos from when she was a kid led me to believe she didn't have color as a child. So sad.
  3. Kidnapping is an almost certainty
    I used to think about being taken from my parents ALL THE TIME. I have no idea why I was so paranoid about this! But I always imagined he'd be benevolent and let me take just one possession with me. I almost always picked my bed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. If you wish and believe hard enough, the Rescue Rangers will take this walnut shell that you placed a cotton ball in from you as their next vehicle