One Thing That Made Me Happy This Week: 2017

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    Carrying out my New Year's Day tradition of XC skiing
  2. •
    Watching the Golden Globes was a nice distraction
  3. •
    Breakfast at the one counter, one fry cook Ideal Diner
  4. •
    Finally made it to Vertical Endeavors to do some indoor climbing!
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    I had nothing to wear to an anniversary party I attended on Saturday night until I visited my friend who works at a boutique on Sat afternoon. She helped me pick out this new dress, necklace & earrings🎉
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    I drove up to my aunt & uncle's house for the weekend to take over their house and my aunt's life while I made my 2nd ever quilt! My mom also joined for a day which was nice. I'm not totally done but I was able to assemble the whole thing—just have to trim it and add the binding.
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    Checking out a snowy Duluth from Enger Tower
  8. •
    Hosting the first book club meeting on the book Swing Time with my friend Chloe.
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    Couple good things this week—hosting an Oscar party (which I did not get good photos of) and seeing The Radio Dept perform (pictured).
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    Seeing Jens Lekman perform!
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    Writing all these thrifted postcards with music suggestions for family and friends on a snowy, quiet Sunday. Also, cabining: Cabin for a night
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    Honest to God, it was watching Chloe the sloth take five minutes to mosey her way into this zookeeper's arms and then getting to watch her eat a cup of fruit while sitting on the keeper's hip.