Our Most Quoted Quotes

I think this is inspired by @angela3950? This has been sitting in my drafts, so, publish or perish-
  1. Teamwork! MY teamwork
    Usually when we pull something off together, one of us will quote this line 😂
  2. Fashion show! 👏🏼Fashion Show! 👏🏼Fashion show at lunch!👏🏼
    This is our go-to quote whenever someone buys a new item of clothing and we want to see it right away on them. ALWAYS accompanied by hand claps.
  3. "Spanning time together"
    Buffalo 66 quote FTW
  4. Great story, compelling and rich
    When you tell a bad story you get this response
  5. Why not?
    My go-to response for whenever my husband says no to something.
  6. Accoutrements!
  7. Milk was a bad choice!
    I honestly have probably only seen this movie 1.5 times but dang is it quotable
  8. GROIN grabbingly good
  9. Hey, wha happened?
    A Mighty Wind
  10. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about. And we both love soup!
    Best In Show