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  1. Birchwood Cafe • Minneapolis, MN (Seward)
    I love this crunchy neighborhood cafe! They have serve yourself sparkling water so I forgive them for having to order my food at the counter.
  2. Red Stag Supper Club • Minneapolis, MN (Northeast)
    This is seriously one of the coziest restaurants in MPLS and their food is so delicious, especially Sunday brunch. You have to flip your coaster to either sparkling or still to indicate what kind of water you want your server to pour. Heaven!
  3. Colossal Cafe, St. Paul
    Maybe they also have a MPLS location? Counter ordering, awesome breakfast, serve it yourself sparkling or regular water from a tap.
    Suggested by @ellenh
  4. •Dogwood Coffee• Mpls
    Or, at least you get a lil baby glass of it if you order an espresso or Gibraltar. Only confirmed the E Lake location but no reason to believe that they don't do this at all TC locations.
  5. Red Cow • Mpls
    Probably all locations offer sparkling but I've only been to the North Loop restaurant. The waitress even brought out a carafe of it!!✨