💆Songs That Chill My Mind

Made this playlist on Spotify called Carbon Monoxide when my brain was all over the place a few weeks ago. It legit helped. Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1213041347/playlist/2OgzFMcNHihgq4bq58Ro3y
  1. La Petite Fille De La Mer/Vangelis
    Maybe you know this song from Stranger Than Fiction? My husband put it on a mix for me a million yrs ago when we were dating❤️
  2. Opening/Philip Glass
    Honestly could've made the whole playlist Philly G songs
  3. Where Is My Mind/Maxence Cyrin
    Yes, The Pixies song!
  4. aisatsana [102]/Aphex Twin
    I love how he has these insane, hard-to-listen to songs and then he's got songs like this. Such range!
  5. Claire De Lune/Debussy
  6. 3 Gymnopodies: No 1 Lent et douloureoux/Erik Satie
  7. Lost In Thought/Jon Hopkins
  8. We Have A Map Of The Piano/Múm
    Icelandic goodness 1
  9. Sigur 3 (Untitled)/Sigur Rós
    Icelandic goodness 2
  10. X-Ray/Youth Lagoon
  11. 3 Gymnopodies: No 3 Lent et grave/Erik Satie
  12. Starwood Choker/Bing & Ruth
    Found out about this song via Spotify Discover. Of course, my husband already knew it.