The One Time I Got to See Prince Perform

  1. It was 7/7/07
  2. He had announced a string of shows in Minne, all on the same day. First up, something at Macy's in conjunction with the release of his new perfume
  3. Then a show at The Target Center
  4. Lastly, a show at the local rock club he put on the map, First Avenue.
    Prince hadn't played there in decades, but of course everyone knows this club because it's where he plays in Purple Rain.
  5. My husband and I had been married for less than one month, so we weren't exactly rollin' in the dough, but when we heard he was playing First Ave we knew we had to try to go.
  6. The only way you could get tickets to that show was by showing up in person, at First Ave in the morning the day of the show.
  7. Tickets were $31.21 each, which was totally doable.
  8. Omg I remember it was such a hot, sunny day. I can't recall what time we got in line. We felt a little defeated, seeing how the line wrapped around the block. Still, we stuck it out.
    What did we do in line? My phone at the time was a Razr flip phone.
  9. We got tickets! Just BARELY. There were maybe 15 people behind us who got tickets and then they were OUT. #blessed
  10. We went home, hung out. Had some friends over to grill and then took naps. The show was happening after his Target Center show, so we knew it was going to be a late night.
  11. We got to First Ave and waited again in a long line to get in. I'm pretty sure we waited for a few hours. We stood next to a woman who had flown to MN from Europe. We just had to drive from St Paul.
    Again, we must've talked to each other and people in line to pass the time?
  12. It was after midnight that Prince finally showed up, maybe even 1am?
  13. I remember hardly anything from that show.
    This is a sad but true fact I feel the need to be honest about.
  14. I'm pretty sure Larry Graham joined him on stage for a song or two.
  15. He played for only like an hour.
    The Minneapolis police didn't want him playing past 2 AM.
  16. When they finally kicked us out there were tons of cops in the street, a bunch on horses too.
    Afraid of riff-raff? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Everyone was so orderly, the amount of them out there seemed laughable.
  17. When we got to our car we found it had been towed, even though we parked in Eric's work parking lot and we had a parking permit. We took advantage of his agency's relationship with a taxi company and charged a cab ride home to his company's tab.
    I'm still pissed about getting towed, almost 9 years later 😡
  18. We got our car from the impound lot on 7/8/07, making our $62.42 night out into a $362.42 night out.
  19. Even though I barely remember the actual concert, I will always feel grateful for the experience. RIP Prince.