What I'm Doing At The Moment

Inspired by all of you/ @Boogie @amieshmamie @angela3950 @karlalucia @DG @Diplomatic_diva etc etc! 10:52am, Sat Sept 9th
  1. Drinking an Americano
    Aeropress love is still going strong
  2. Trying to finish reading Native Tongue
    I wish I had the weird mass market paperback from the 80's instead of the Kindle version
  3. Watching the sunlight that has filtered through the trees dance on the pillow on my crappy Ikea chair in the sunroom
    And wondering if there's a word for that
  4. Thinking about what I want to do this weekend
    Go for a walk at the very least
  5. Listening to traffic
  6. Wondering if my husband will go buy eggs and juice when he's up or if we'll just go walk the 1/2 block to the diner for breakfast instead
  7. Thinking I should get back to my book