Requested by Angela G.

Why I Have a Cat in My Sweatshirt-Profile Pic

The only list request I've ever received so thanks @angela3950!
  1. But sorry, there's not much of a story.
  2. My cat, Data, is either v v chill, or a terrible terror.
    He is always hungry but the vet made us put him on a diet, so the terribleness he exhibits is usually because he wants us to feed him. He will eat ANYTHING. (Pictured: rhubarb crisp bars that he def would've eaten if I had let him. I mean: RHUBARB?!)
  3. He doesn't lash out when we pick him up or squeeze the love out of him, which is one thing that makes him so cool.
    My friend Naty loves to love him too.
  4. So, I guess one day I was wearing my big college sweatshirt and decided, yeah, let's see if we can't get Data up in here
    Cuz WHY NOT?!
  5. He definitely hated it and we didn't let it go on too long before we released him.
    Because LOOK AT HIM.
  6. Anyways, I love my dumb cat. He's the best & the worst and I *probably* wouldn't have him any other way. The end!