1. This is gluten-free bread and we show you how to make it.
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  2. We worked on it for more than two years so your cooking and baking could be easy.
  3. These are gluten-free bagels.
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  4. Do you like chocolate chip cookies?
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  5. Everyone knows someone who has to be gluten-free. Buy one so you can learn to cook for your friends.
  6. Remember all the weird and wonderful comfort you loved as a kid? (Or last Saturday?) you can still make that food without gluten.
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  7. There is pie.
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  8. And cake. And desserts. And fried foods.
  9. This book is the joint effort of hundreds and hundreds of people who asked us to make their favorite recipes gluten-free.
  10. We're really picky and expect our food to be great so not one thing in this book is merely good for gluten-free.
  11. We would be really grateful.