1. Woke up in darkness at 6.
  2. 30 minutes reading, not on phone.
  3. One cup dark hot coffee, slowly
  4. Listened to On Being on giving.
  5. Did the dishes during the listening.
  6. Kids woke up. The frenzy begins.
  7. Giggling, running, jumping, hands outstretched wanting.
  8. One can't find pants. Other teething.
  9. "Where's that damned sippy cup? Here?"
  10. Kids fed. Quiet snuggles. Two minutes.
  11. "Where's my pink umbrella?" Flood tears.
  12. Drive back to the house. Umbrella.
  13. "Hearing aids won't break in rain."
  14. Hugs. Kisses. Talking. Singing in car.
  15. Laughter at school drop off. Breath.
  16. Now back to help teething toddler.
  17. Coffee! Gulped quickly. 2 fried eggs.
  18. Three minutes to write this. Sanity.
  19. Time for work now. Going. Going.