Feelings About the London Stabbing

There's been a stabbing in a London tube station that has been deemed a terrorist attack
  1. Why.
  2. Is this bullshit going to ever stop?
  3. Probably not
  4. Things have been going on like this forever I guess
  5. I wonder if this will happen in any more tube stations
  6. I'm glad crutches are preventing me from using public transport
  7. Honestly what difference does it actually make, it could still happen to me
  8. I wish I didn't watch that video I watched despite being warned it was graphic
  9. I'm glad I'm going home soon
  10. It's not like home is any safer
  11. People are batshit insane
  12. Ugh
  13. UgH
  14. UGHHHH
  15. I wonder if it'll be in the news
  16. My mom won't be happy about this
  17. It's interesting the police had to use a taser
  18. Hmm no guns in London
  19. What has the world come to
  20. Death, terrorism, death, guns, death, standings, death
  21. I'm exhausted