Kris Jenner Is All of Us

Defining my life (& everyone else's) through Kris's most relatable gifs, even though ListApp doesn't have gifs yet (*sigh* @bjnovak). They all work as fantastic pictures, too.
  1. At all social events until the food comes out.
  2. When you're feelin yourself.
  3. As do I.
  4. When you pull up to meet the squad.
  5. A feeling that occurs more than once a day.
  6. Aren't we all?
  7. At Thanksgiving, out to dinner, when I'm drunk, if I'm sad, when I had a good day/long day/bad day, always.
  8. Pretty on fleek.
  9. Again, yes
  10. To all the pups out there, I am here for you.
  11. @work, @party, @neighbors, @roommates, @idiots, @loud people, @the news, @everyone
  12. A lil pep talk for yo girl.
  13. Trying to fit in with the cool kids.
  14. Just literally same.
  15. Honesty with a smile.
  16. The side eye, the tequila shot, the sombrero, just yes.
  17. When you get caught in the rain.
  18. When people try to share their stupid opinions during a nice meal.
  19. Yikes.
  20. Taking over the jams because I know how to get the party groovin.
  21. Mood, always.