Defining my life (& everyone else's) through Kris's most relatable gifs, even though ListApp doesn't have gifs yet (*sigh* @bjnovak). They all work as fantastic pictures, too.
  1. At all social events until the food comes out.
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  2. When you're feelin yourself.
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  3. As do I.
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  4. When you pull up to meet the squad.
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  5. A feeling that occurs more than once a day.
    60ec1b26 1692 4168 b1ae 4ad759814b68
  6. Aren't we all?
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  7. At Thanksgiving, out to dinner, when I'm drunk, if I'm sad, when I had a good day/long day/bad day, always.
    538d1a2b 95c1 4fdb 8f1d 17d6433331bd
  8. Pretty on fleek.
    708f3b10 0937 4b10 a565 36a821f519d6
  9. Again, yes
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  10. To all the pups out there, I am here for you.
    Cd44fde7 a98a 406b b5c1 7cc053df3f1d
  11. @work, @party, @neighbors, @roommates, @idiots, @loud people, @the news, @everyone
    750eae8c eb53 4e6f 9d24 191f97cb1867
  12. A lil pep talk for yo girl.
    D61e5ca9 fa35 4392 90d7 496c5ae40bf5
  13. Trying to fit in with the cool kids.
    5226ebef e8ee 4faf 8f57 71d129ccf590
  14. Just literally same.
    C5b95827 0b77 494a a4f7 941be160bd5c
  15. Honesty with a smile.
    B55f7a92 a609 46ea bd56 42cb567aef62
  16. The side eye, the tequila shot, the sombrero, just yes.
    8fa0dbb9 b8b6 4b5c 9118 0604c52162df
  17. When you get caught in the rain.
    B46f229f 7074 4476 94f4 7c70f203a775
  18. When people try to share their stupid opinions during a nice meal.
    1f52847c 3924 4eac 9580 7294798daeb5
  19. Yikes.
    D5486334 0317 4878 98e6 1d62d3edc62f
  20. Taking over the jams because I know how to get the party groovin.
    95915970 cf6f 41bf 93d6 d551fbae03c5
  21. Mood, always.
    Cfaa4064 f1b6 44e6 bd60 f76265392c4a