I promise I'm not a hypochondriac, a complainer, or someone who is always injured. Most of these things happened in a time in my life when I was fresh and agile playing the athlete life~ but I will be the worst old person around.
  1. Left knee
    Dislocated it, tore some things, osgood sschlatters all since I was 11
  2. Right ankle
    Bad, high ankle sprain 7th grade, repeat sprain this time inside aged 21 (possible tear)
  3. Left ankle
    Sprain during basketball 8th grade. I feel like once there's a sprain you're doomed forever
  4. Right knee
    No cartilage between kneecap and bone from lacrosse incident 8th grade
  5. Lower back
    It always hurts, already in need of chiropractor
  6. Jaw
    Used to be able to pop the joint till it got stuck closed one time and I just know it's slow deteriorating until one day it'll just be stuck one way forever
  7. Neck
    Due to 2 weeks in a neck brace 9th grade I'm sure this will come back to haunt me in a few decades
  8. Wrists
    On my phone way too much for no permanent damage. Also try googling 'British crutches' because these things I'm on are giving me carpal tunnel and arthritis already
  9. Eyes
    Never have been good, just keep getting worse
  10. Ears
    Ask me how many times I can say "haha what?" before I finally hear you (or before I make an educated guess based on context clues of what you're actually saying because tbh I'm never gonna hear you)
  11. Nose
    Idk if this is a thing or not, but I have a horrible sense of smell now so I can only imagine that down the line this will get worse