1. Being abroad
    Although I'm so homesick and wish I could be celebrating thanksgiving, this is an opportunity unlike any other and I know it's not a chance all people get
  2. Having this awful ankle sprain
    Awful is a severe understatement, but nothing has made me more grateful to have 4 fully functioning healthy limbs on other days. I can't begin to imagine how other people deal with their own pain and suffering when it's 5829$49194729x more than this
  3. My health
    Again, this sprain being the biggest of my problems makes me ever grateful for the rest of my body knowing there are people who have things much worse
  4. My family being all together this thanksgiving
    Despite not being there (😭😭😭) I am beyond thankful to have a family that loves to get together, laugh, drink, and eat. They are all happy and healthy and warm and that is a gift in itself.
  5. My friendzzzzzz
    Both new and old, in London and the US. I'm glad I have reliable peeps in my life that can make me laugh, cry, seethe with rage, and shrink in awkwardness. You all keep me young xoxo
  6. My safety
    With all that has been going on around the world, I am glad that I have been safe and sound
  7. The people out there who are better than me
    Thank you for giving me something to aspire to and motivating me to be more than a couch potato. Jokes aside, there are millions of people out there better than I am and I am grateful for all of them
  8. People out there better than all of us
    Those that open their homes to people in need, who donate when they have little themselves, who donate regularly, who help others for nothing in return, who help anyone no matter the cost, who genuinely care, who look after our environment, who have valid opinions and state them without hurting others, for people changing the world for the good because of the rest of us stand no chance
  9. The current state of the world
    This is a tough one. I'm not totally thankful because it could be endlessly better than it is, but for right now on this day I am glad it is not worse
  10. My bank account
    Thank you, lil guy, for sticking with me on my trips in Europe and not jumping shipping and leaving me with lots of 0000s
  11. My grandpa
    Is and continues to be the greatest thing in my life and on this earth
  12. Pups
    @ all you dogs: thank you.
  13. So many more things
    But I'm trying not to be too vapid or too sentimental and my lines between serious and facetious may get blurred so I'll stop here