Five Mistakes that Drive Copy Editors Crazy (as Told by 'Friends')

They don't call me the grammar hammer for nothing 🔨
  1. You're v. Your
    Seriously? Please learn this. PLEASE! And while we're here, let's add They're, There, and Their and To, Two, and Too
  2. Misusing Semicolons
    It's not the same as a comma, people! If they're independent clauses, they can have a semicolon.
  3. Losing v. Loosing
    Hint: "loosing" isn't a word.
  4. Misspelling "Definitely"
    Misspell might be the most misspelled word in the English language, but "definitely" is definitely up there
  5. Its v. It's
    "Its" is possessive; "it's" means "it is"