Good Memories from 2016

This year was, in many ways, one of the most challenging I've ever had. And next year probably won't be a walk in the park, so I'm going to make myself remember the positives! Inspired by @amieshmamie's list!
  1. I started off 2016 with a brand new job!
    My colleagues love me and I'll be really sad to leave them all next year!
  2. In March I went to Antigua
    Really the whole trip was a shitshow but the views and the drinks were both A+
  3. In May, @saltrifilio and I moved in together!
    We've been ready for this for so long, and a lot of our friends and family were worried that it was too big of a step to take, but it has been such a gratifying experience. I never thought I could feel so close to someone! Plus our apartment is GORGEOUS. Here is a photo of our sick fireplace
  4. In June we went to Florida to visit my family
    So much sangria was had by all
  5. July brought my biannual residency for my MFA
    Shit was weird, but I got by on wine and ritz crackers
  6. Then in August it was back to Florida!
    My family does an annual cruise so my grandmother can party with all of us together. It is always a crazy blast! This year we went to Cozumel and I got stung by a jellyfish
  7. In September I became a true ginger
    I was sick of my hair color so I decided to become (if possible) more Irish. I love the color more and more every single day, and I love that I did it because I wanted to! Empowerment!
  8. For my birthday in October we visited Montreal
    It was my first time in French Canada and I LOVED IT
  9. November brought the opportunity to vote for a female presidential candidate
    It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I wasn't expecting to feel the full weight of it at the polls, but I actually got choked up when I filled in my ballot
  10. In December I finished the first half of my thesis!
    What a load off my shoulders. HONESTLY! 40 pages long and I ended up with an A. I put my entire life into this project for four months and it paid off!
  11. Gonna keep focusing on these good moments
    And pretend the whole world isn't falling apart hooray!
  12. Happy holidays!
    Goodbye and good riddance, 2016!