I babysit an adorable 20 month old baby/toddler who is rapidly learning the ways of the world. She knows some words! Here are her best ones.
  1. F*ck
    Yep, starting her cursing real early. Friendly reminder that small children are ALWAYS listening.
  2. No
    Possibly her favorite of all the words she knows.
  3. Poo poo
    Pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Come!
    She summons me when she needs help with something and, like a well trained dog, I oblige her.
    Not so much a word as a really cute shriek she does when she gets excited.
  6. Uh oh...
    Usually comes after she intentionally throws food on the floor.
  7. Bye!
    She helps me put on my shoes, then waves me out the door with a smile.