1. Try to be a little more natural
  2. Ok, stop doing whatever that is
  3. Can you move a little more like, ok well that works too I guess
  4. Beautiful
  5. I love that
  6. This may sound like it looks raunchy but I promise it doesnt
  7. Umm you mind covering that
  8. Wow that's great
  9. Gorgeous
  10. Now just be yourself
  11. Relax
  12. A little less posey
  13. That looks great, hold that
  14. That looks amazing
  15. Ok let's try something different
  16. Damnnnnnn girl
  17. It's not you its me
  18. Umm yeah now it's just getting weird
  19. Well that sounded creepy
  20. "Lose the bottoms."
    Suggested by @gina