Public figures I have spotted, met or otherwise encountered in the actual world (not counting things like book signings or backstage access, where a meeting is implied)
  1. Adam Yauch
    Sat across from on a train from Boston to NYC
  2. Jim Palmer
    Spotted at the John Wayne Airport
  3. Sharon Van Etten
    Met at Flatstock at Bumbershoot
  4. Kenny G
    Walked past on 2nd Ave in Seattle
  5. Jerrod Carmichael
    Met before Writers of Parks & Rec at Bumbershoot
  6. Jamie Moyer
    Stood behind in checkout line at QFC
  7. Guy Fieri
    Spotted on a red eye to NYC
  8. Gary Payton
    Sat in front of at a Seahawks game in the Kingdome
  9. Sue Bird
    Sat next to at Mecca Cafe
  10. Todd Barry
    Helped to look for a place to charge his phone at Bumbershoot
  11. Sam Perkins
    Spotted outside Queen Anne Tower Records
  12. Ken Jennings
    Spotted at the post office (after briefly meeting on two separate occasions following events)