1. Having late night dinner at the Pacific Dining Car after a long flight from NYC, seeing a group of men in Houston Rockets jerseys post victory celebrating with trashy escorts, getting bloated and going right to bed
  2. Having brunch at Little Doms, sitting outside, getting too cold, moving inside
  3. Lying in silence together in bed, post coital, liking each others Lists
  4. The earrings I got her, which I was really unsure about, but apparently she likes
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  5. Getting invited by my father to Shabbat dinner, foregoing @Lisha's birthday plans, at a "classy nightclub in Studio City"
  6. Walking to a hip general store in Silver Lake, telling her to "empty the bank"
  7. Couples Thai massage and infrared sauna, bought some sage, at Raven
  8. Sitting outside drinking juice and sharing a slice of zucchini bread