Requested by @Nicholas
  1. The names of the people I met during freshman orientation who I waved hi to every time i saw them
    And still occasionally run into at parties in Brooklyn
  2. Games involving red cups
  3. The meanings of the words "dialectic", "heuristic", "postcolonial", "marxism", and "foucaultian"
  4. Late night dining hall 'runs' eating fried foods
  5. Wishing I was jack kerouac
  6. All nighters with uppers and word counts
  7. Sorry tug jobs from disinterested classmates
  8. The inception of dub step and the downfall of the dance floor
  9. Study sessions as mutually acknowledged lame excuses to fuck
  10. Really terribly rolled joints by supposed rolling experts
  11. Bros in tank tops and Kanye west glasses fist bumping on stage at a girl talk concert
  12. 2 PM Netflix naps, wake up, jerk off in between classes
  13. Attending an occupy Wall Street rally, resenting the 1%, while attending a private university