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Inspired by @jessnobs
  4. FOOD
I don't read many book but when I do...
  1. Lord of the flies
    Jack can go fuck himself and piggy will always have a place in my heart
  2. Submarine
    This main character knows everything and nothing at all. His hobbies are : keeping his parents together and loosing his virginity.
  3. Diary of an Oxygen Thief
    All I can say about this book is that it made me cry & and one of my favorite lines from this book is "Because if I don’t want you, and believe me I don’t, then I don’t want you being happy with someone else when there's any doubt that I might get another girl"
  4. The Autobiography of DMX
    This is one of the most saddest & interesting autobiographies I've ever read.
Here's a little look into my phone.
  1. The Uterus?
    I was playing a guessing game with my friend who's a nurse. I thought it was a tumor but it's actually (I think) a uterus.
  2. Wrong Number
    Long story short, some guy thought I was a friend of his or whatever and sent me a picture of a rash near his pubic bone. In response I sent this.
  3. A Night in Paris
    This is honestly self explanatory and yes i know I spelt Paris wrong the first time let me live.
  4. That's a pen.
    I thought it was a female body massager.