1. When he called me a poem
  2. When he didn't understand my snap...
  3. ...and really needed to understand.
  4. That time I got a lil preachy
  5. When he couldn't handle me
  6. When people at work get out of control
  7. When I came out of the bathroom and he was wearing my clothes
  8. When he keeps things ~mysterious~
  9. When I was away & my fav commercial came on so he sent it to me
  10. When he's home alone all weekend
  11. When he drew this
  12. When he let me dress him up as a spaceman and drive him out to a field for a video I wanted to make just for fun
  13. When he continued a deep convo with me while peeing
  14. When I taught him about this guy
    The magic of knowing Jake Lewis is that you get to teach him things you thought everybody already knew because he doesn't really care about being "up" on things and UGH THIS PERSON IS AMAZING.
  15. This time turtle doves made a nest right outside our window and he was very unrelaxed about it and watched them like tv every hour of the day and would drop his jaw over the littlest movement and wanted to be their baby so badly
  16. "Chill b. I'm bookin"
  17. When he posed like this in a yurt
  18. When he gets me
  19. When he was looking at a long receipt like this
  20. When he questioned my "sigh" text
  21. When I send him gold
  22. That time we got some local corn and Jake found a little earworm in it and they became best friends and Jake kept calling him "little guy"
  23. When he gets in his self-righteous moods 💕
  24. When I was going through a dark time and needed medication & a bunch of things and he went into the store and got all the stuff I needed while I slept in the car and it took a really disconcerting amount of time so finally I came in and he was just patiently waiting for my meds and the sight of him made me cry