My personal checklist
  1. A really legit turtle cove
    Where turtles are like scootin' on and off a nice log and goin' for a good dip, and generally having an awesome time. Always the tippy top of my list.
  2. Two animals in love
    Bonus if they are not the same animal.
  3. Something HELLA soft-looking
    Like so soft it's sort of sexual.
  4. Something hyper
  5. Something with an inexplicable print
    I know "print" is not the right word but basically all I mean is GIMME STRIPES AND SPOTS WHERE IT JUST AINT RIGHT.
  6. a BUNCH of mama-baby duos
    Honestly if the zoo doesn't have these I'm gonna be a huge bitch about it.
  7. Just to reiterate: I need foals and cubs and kids and piglets and chicks and DEF teeny insubordinate monkeys holding on to their moms by the neck
  8. Something big that doesn't give a fuck
    Like sticking ass-out behind a big rock and isn't coming out for anybody
  9. A really sweet human fam
    Like where a teenager is pushing his baby sis in a stroller or some shit ❤️