Now that I've finished my last final for the semester 😏
  1. In Cold Blood
    I have SO MANY books in my stack of TBR but this one was calling my name so I bought it. I've put off reading it since January and I cannot wait any longer!
  2. Make delicious macarons with my ever patient daughter
    She has been so forgiving towards me over the past 5 months and I'm going to make it up to her 10x
  3. Binge watching Netflix peacefully
  4. Buy a bike
    Mint green beach cruiser preferably
  5. Movie nights with my sweet honey child
  6. Finish reading HP & The Order of the Phoenix!
  7. Renewing my auto registration that expired three months ago
    I can't renew without emission testing and you can't do that online 💁🏽