1. "OH MY BLOG!"
    This gem is the brain-child of my loving soul sister @lizzienewc: As most modern 2015 Maxxinistas know, the Internet is the new universal religion. So instead of throwing your exasperations into the hands of a higher entity, why not toss it over to something light, funky, and fresh like Blog! SIDE NOTE: if you're religious, it's an easy way not to say the Lord's name in vain ;)
    Have you ever been in the middle of watching Scream Queens when Lea Michele says something that makes you spit out a mouthful of water mid-sip or clutch your pearls (OR BOTH!)? You've just experienced a Lea MicheL-O-L
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    Fans of Robert "Thirsty-Dursty" will know about this one. When you Jeanine Pirro something, you give it your all! No man, murder, or uncrossed leg can get in your way.
    A very gross way to say something is disgusting. Don't use this.