I'm reading Jane McGonigal's book SuperBetter, and one of the most interesting things so far is the idea that viewing an obstacle as a challenge rather than a a threat helps you deal with it more effectively, with less stress or anxiety. Here are the ten expressions of a challenge mindset, and the contrasting threat mindset.
  1. I'm eager to tackle this challenge
    Instead of: Thinking about this threat stresses me out
  2. I can become a stronger person because of this challenge
    Instead of: This threat probably requires more strength than I have to deal with it effectively
  3. There is someone I can turn to for help with this challenge if I need it
    Instead of: It is beyond anyone else's power to help me with this threat
  4. I get fired up when I think about tackling this challenge
    Instead of: Tackling this threat seems like an exhausting prospect
  5. This challenge gives me a chance to find out what I'm really made of
    Instead of: I'm worried this threat might reveal my weakness
  6. I get excited when I think about the possible outcomes of tackling this challenge
    Instead of: If I fail to overcome this threat, it will have significant negative consequences for me and my life
  7. I don't mind struggling with this challenge because this outcome is important to me
    Instead of: This threat is probably going to have an overall negative impact on my life no matter what I do
  8. I think I have or can acquire the abilities needed to successfully tackle this challenge
    Instead of: I'm worried I lack the resources needed to overcome this threat
  9. If I succeed, my choosing to tackle this challenge will have a positive impact on my or my family's health and happiness
    Instead of: This threat threatens my or my family's health and happiness
  10. I'll probably learn something by tackling this challenge as best I can
    Instead of: I feel like this threat represents basically a hopeless situation