My boyfriend was out of town all last week and is bad at being back on time so what was supposed to be "back by 10:30pm!" turned into a 3am deal. These are the things I did to waste time for 6 hours
  1. Shaved my legs
  2. Tried on all my clothes
    Including fake convos with my mirror to tie the whole outfit together
  3. Cleaned my room/ bathroom so my boyfriend could move in for a while
    He's in between leases at the moment
  4. Finished the Gilmore Girls series for the second time
    And cried when Rory graduated because I'm entering my senior year of college and my mom and I have LITERALLY had the same conversations that Rory and Lorelai had
  5. Ate a blueberry bagel with cream cheese
    Toasted. It was midnight at this point
  6. Smoked a few cigarettes
    A few too many if you ask me
  7. Watched Friends on nick@nite
    It was the episode where Phoebe goes to the dentist and thinks she's going to kill someone. The joke ran a bit too long IMO
  8. Smoked more. Contemplated life.
  9. Brushed my teeth. Flossed
    I hate these activities and I rarely do half of them
  10. Tried not to expect him
  11. Finally got into and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd give it a go
  12. He came home!