@gabe hard to rank.. 1 in 2 fit DSM criteria for a mental illness (mostly depression, anxiety) based on personal letters, firsthand accounts & biographies. But 🎩 is my pick AND HERE IS WHY
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    Abraham Lincoln
    His depression & suicidality are documented 👌ALSO 2 in 3 Americans in 2012 said they would elect Lincoln if they could. some 📚 say the traits that fueled his 🙌came from his symptoms: his ego was kept in ☑️ (he hired his rivals) and as a pessimist, minor victories did not give him false hope. BUT a candidate w history of depression would prob not survive the modern primaries. SO If he couldnt win the nomination today, does our process rly give us room to assess what matters in candidates?🙅
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    Read my college thesis
    if you actually want to that would be so cool it is just like this except longer and fewer emojis